PNNL Real Time Transactive Energy Use Case ScriptsΒΆ

This is the documentation for a collection of scripts that can be used to create simulations of power systems. Specifically they can be used to run the following type of simulations:

  • population of Technologies on distribution feeders
  • Transmission + Distribution Co-Simulation using HELICS
  • Transmission + Distribution + Transactive Energy using HELICS

The simulation uses the HELICS Co-Simulation framework and the scripts automatically sets up all the required simulators and configuration files needded for an experiment.

The sctript base supports the following types of federate:

  • GridLAB-D for the distribution system modeling
  • MATPOWER for the transmission system modeling
  • Purpose built LSE and DSO constructs included in the repository for Transactive Energy use case

To get started please take a look at the example experiments linked below and to run the experiments please follow the install guides below as well.